Dynamic Street Photography

Umbrella and flash in color. Kyoto, 2017
Umbrella and flash into color.

Kyoto, 2017

The one cardinal sin of road photographers: creating pictures.

1. Dynamic: the reverse of dull

Walking woman. Kyoto street photograph, 2017
Walking woman. Kyoto street photo, 2017

My suggestion — seek to create DYNAMIC images.

Possess soul, sex, and energy. Pumping. Pictures which are hard for you to shoot, and photographs which are hard for your audience.

Concerning dynamic images–seek to create dynamic compositions. Dynamic compositions integrate flash, tilt, or hand-gestures. Dynamic images have eye contact. For me personally, I find that images which are shot with a wide-angle lens (28mm or 35mm) are somewhat more edgy, and integrate the viewer into the scene.

2. Take what disturbs you

I listen to my gut while I shoot street photography. I shoot. I take and then I push through , and this hesitation click.

Concerning settings, I prefer to ‘set it and forget it’. I like to utilize P (Program Mode)–such as colour that I enjoy ISO 800. For white and black ISO 1600-3200. I utilize my camera’s flash, as well as center-autofocus. I really don’t like to think of the camera settings prior to, during, or after I shoot. Rather, I wish to fully integrate myself. I need to vanish into the streets. I want to produce a mind-body connection between the scene my camera, and the topic. When I am making images I want as impedance that is imaginative.

3. Hesitation is death

The longer I think about street photography, the more I understand–it is really guts, and ability that is 20%. You have to possess the courage to hit on the shutter. Today, upset or I overlook pictures because to possibly aggravate my topic. I believe the road photographer is really a street photographer that NEVER HESITATES, that NEVER IS AFRAID, and NEVER FEELS REGRET overlooking a picture.

Thus, we could be in our photographs and create a ‘sorrow minimization framework’ like Jeff Bezos. To shoot road photos to possess as little regret as possible in the day’s end.

That means to roam the streets, have fun, see fascinating items, shapes, and also blends of both subjects and individuals and the surroundings–and also take pictures of what excites you.

To have sorrow in road photography is simple:

Take an image of everything which interests or excites you.

In technical terms, this means making simple or ‘cliché’ images. In the event the scene interests you shoot it. You can decide much after whether to ‘maintain’ or ‘ditch’ the picture. However, don’t self-edit when shooting on the streets, when you’re at THE ZONE, or even self-critique yourself. Run around the streets like a child. The streets are your own personal visual jungle-gym.


DYNAMIC/DYNAMISM — two words to integrate into language and your lexicon. Don’t make pictures, MAKE DYNAMITE!



5 Photography Techniques Every Columbus Engagement Photographer Guru Follows For A Photo Session

Each photographer looks the world in a way with his fire, Story, Sense of Adaptability, creativity and Strength. Hence a number of the characteristics discussed below must decide your photographer -.

In the end, you are leaving your position behind and becoming engaged in Columbus! Or you are not engaged up to now, but opting for it shortly. The groundwork starts, about being a fiance into somebody you love, when you truly feel, and is your photo shoot.

The involvement is the event to share your enthusiasm as a bride and groom and begin your travels together to the huge occasion – wedding. You ought to look to observe it with an engagement photo session which shows your love for readiness and each other for the upcoming occasion that would seal your destiny to each other. Every expert Columbus engagement photographer follows a couple of proven tips and methods that your engagement photos will soon be engaging, enjoyable, artistic, awe-struck, and above all, agreeable memories for many years to come.

1. Meet and grapple with all the Couple

A Columbus engagement photographer takes time to meet you personally rather than talking over the phone for the very first time. The photographer gets an idea about what you desire. He or she has to learn about your personality and the spark you share as a coupleof

2. Make You both Feel Comfortable and Associated

The engagement pictures seem perfect only when you and your would-be are revealed having a profound romantic connection. Most of you feeling nervous and already may be camera shy but the Columbus engagement photographer does to make you feel correlated with each other and comfortable.

3. Public Screen Affection (PDA) is Basic Necessity

The engagement photographer in Columbus will proceed on highlighting the main theme, as an involvement session is different from any fashion, commercial or family photography session. Thus, he or she will make you get ready for PDA and feel comfortable when hugging, kissing, holding hands, being lively, be humorous and sharing seconds together! It helps the pictures seem likable and more intimate!

Shooting in burst mode will enable the engagement photographer in Columbus to capture many images in rapid succession with a chance to locate a few perfect shots which you may be missing. Once you feel nervous this approach works and you begin to feel laugh relaxed, smile and look lovingly at each other following posing maybe not so great before the camera initially. All these are the seconds that an photographer in Columbus cares to take at all the time.

5. Go for Picturesque Location

Your engagement photography will not look great without inclusion of locations. The involvement photographer in Columbus will not be aware of some remarkable locations around town but also indicate them. While providing you a list of interesting spots and locations, the photographer will probably remain open to contemplate whichever place you personally like or dislike. Furthermore, the photographer will agree to journey to some hot locations in the neighboring country with you to make your engagement photographs appear exceptionally pleasing.

Apart from the aforementioned exclusive involvement photography methods, the photographer will crack some jokes, make fun and urge unique poses to try. Enjoy shooting in a warm atmosphere and he or she will casually converse to help you open up. The photographer deliver you something exceptional and will direct you in the perfect direction.

Photography is Self-Therapy


Photography is your best instrument for self-therapy.


You are creative every day.
You’re creative Daily.


Single lineup confront sketches by ANNETTE KIM out of CREATIVE EVERY DAY


Hapticlabs Kyoto Office- Jennifer Nguyen, Annette Kim joins us to create CREATIVE EVERY DAY
Color wheel theory: Dynamic tension between opposing colors.
Shade wheel concept: Dynamic pressure between opposing colors. Picture from CREATIVE EVERY DAY

Why is photography self therapy?

To begin with, photography is just.

All individuals are creative. We become frustrated, depressed, and shed a sense of direction or purpose in life, if we don’t own a creative outlet to express ourselves.

A lot people turn to photography as it is an instantaneous way to create images and artwork. Much Henri Cartier-Bresson called the photography and camera: “Instant sketches”.

To me, when I am out making pictures, I feel stress, frustration, and anxiety in my life. I don’t be concerned about finances, family drama, or concern myself as time goes by. I fall to a “picture zen” stream– where the only thing which exists is myself, the camera, and reality. It is a loss a loss of a sense of self, of my self lovealso that I sense self-elevated.

Cindy hand touching mirror in wedding dress, 2016
Cindy hand touching mirror in wedding dress, 2016

Negative space. Marseille, 2015 #cindyproject
Negative distance. Marseille, 2015 #cindyproject
Man walking on track. Sapa, Vietnam 2017
Man walking on track. Sapa, Vietnam 2017

Take your camera on a walk to clear your mind

I only go on a walk with my camera, Whenever I want to clean my mind. This one painter Paul Klee previously said,

Painting is simply taking a point for a walk.

I think photography is:

Taking your camera to get a walk.

If you walk in your own camera, and walk yourself — you are feeling. As humans, we’re intended to walk. The less we walk, the more depressed we get. Movement is connected to, and We’re killing two birds with one stone:

  1. Making pictures (artistic socket)
  2. Walking (workout, walking meditation, draining of their brain)

If we include street photography to the film, then you do even better — now we could interact with strangers. We may have a chat, and be sociable.

Take your pictures seriously.

Don’t take your pictures just take it seriously. Take it as a tonic for your soul.

Photography is self-therapy. Make pictures to help empower yourself.

If anyone tries to prevent you from creating photographs and going out, be more knowledgeable. Be adamant that you should picture for yourself. And think about, the more you empower yourself, the more you will empower f and your family

Photography self-therapy missions

  1. When you’re feeling stressed, stressed, or mad, shoot a self-portrait of yourself. Examine the way your face appears, and also the appearance on your face — both the creases, furrows. Ask yourself, “Is this the way I love to look?” You will understand that your physiology, by minding your face under stressful moments.
  2. Show gratitude via your pictures: As a mission, only picture your loved ones for a month (no other subjects). This will help you discover admiration and love for those individuals on your own life you care for.



eric kim portrait by cindy

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