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Photographer Sues Permanently 21 & Urban Outfitters Over Use Of Tupac Shakur Picture

Tupac Photographer Suing Forever 21 & Urban Outfitters For Copyright Infringement

Tupac Photographer Suing Forever 21 & Urban Outfitters For Copyright Infringement

Ron Galella / Contributor Getty Images

Forever 21 is being sued by yet another photographer and this moment, Urban Outfitters can be named as an offender.

Danny Clinch is currently taking both retail giants and three other parties (like Tupac’s official merchandise licensing firm) to court over their use of 2 of his photographs of Tupac Shakur, according to Consumerist. The litigation was first filed in New York on May 31 and claims Amaru/AWA Merchandising in an agreement that stated Amaru was acting on behalf of individuals who owned the copyrights authorized to World Productions from 2012 the pictures in question.

Tupac Forever 21 Urban Outfitters lawsuit

Clinch, who copyrighted his photos states that he didn’t give permission to license the pictures. He goes on to say in getting the appropriate information regarding ownership of the copyrights Earth didn’t use due diligence. It went ahead and made a bargain with firm Bioworld, who created and marketed the shirts. Among these goods is that a jersey featuring a picture from a cover shoot for a 1996 version of Rolling Stone.

The damages will be in excess of $600,000 between licensing fees and earnings from Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. Clinch is seeking to be paid and inquiring the remaining inventory containing the pictures be destroyed.

Tupac Rolling Stone

Read the whole litigation from Danny Clinch over two Tupac pictures here.


Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

EXCLUSIVE: former Geto Boys DJ Ready Red & Bronx promoter Van Silk speak about the Hip Hop Ambassador’s departure.


A photographer has captured the Impact of politics The Muslim Times


Since Donald Trump announced his intent to run in the presidential race, along with his subsequent victory, there’s been a remarkable rise in anti-Islam hate crime in the united states.

Police have been investigating a sharp rise in hate crime against Muslims, Hispanic Americans, black men and women, ethnic minorities and the LGBT community after the election success.

Across the pond, Europe has also been moving towards far-right extremism: French civic party National Front’s chief Marine Le Pen is intending to become France’s next president; Frauke Petry, German chief of right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany acquired ground in regional elections last season along with Jimmie Akesson’s anti-immigration Sweden Democrats became the country’s third biggest party in Sweden’s most recent general election in 2014.

Photographer Olafur Gestsson attended a public meeting in regards to the prospect of constructing a refugee centre at the town of Kalundborg. Residents of the city discussed the possibility and came along.

Gestsson captured the next image — which ended up winning the Award of Excellence at the College Photographer of the Year — about how the meeting went, and the kind of views that folks held:


Picture: Olafur Steinar Gestsson/Scanpix

Gestsson called the air “hostile” and detected a “big division” between people who were in favor of the asylum centre, and those that have been against it.

I found this girl standing in a space. She might as well be Danish, and a few of the folks on the left might be in favor of the asylum centre. But the symbol of the night was right there facing me, and I knew straight off that I had my chance.

The picture represents a bigger image in Denmark. For me personally, it catches the rising xenophobia and “us and them” distinction, I personally believe is growing in Denmark.

Even the anti-Islamic/ anti-immigrant belief in Denmark is now growing. It is a simple fact that right-wing parties have been gaining support in the last couple of decades, and I believe the argument has sadly become hostile towards immigrants and Muslims.


Samuel Bradley’s Analogue Photography

Growing up at the picturesque countryside village Devonshire at the south west of England, the rolling mountains of the British arena served as Samuel Bradley’s inspiration because of his photos.

During his studies at the University for Arts at Farnham, he began to focus on traditional analogue methods, which he incorporates into his believed and thoughtful clinic. Now based between London and New York, ” he specializes in editorial and documentary photography, shooting for brands such as UNIQLO, Burberry and Dior. Besides his advertising commissions, Samuel’s work comprises a delicate mixture of landscapes, still life and portraiture with a sensitivity and melancholic mood.