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Even the United States’ national parks are an endless source of inspiration for musicians–but only as long as they’re protected. To help preserve the parks’ natural attractiveness, 500px travel photographer Oscar Nilsson partnered together with all the National Park Foundation to make The Art Rangers: a network of musicians helping to conserve the parks. We spoke in regards to the project with Oscar , why the parks require protection now more than ever, more, and how to get involved.

Q: What is The Art Rangers?

A: The Art Rangers is a community of musicians with a vision to conserve U.S. national parks utilizing art. We sell art bits of, and motivated by, the 59 U.S. national parks, along with 100% of the profits go straight to maintaining those same parks. We’re officially partnering up with all the National Park Foundation to make sure the funds move to the most critical conservation and preservation efforts. To gather all these art pieces, we are depending on artists that would like to give back by donating their images, and linking our Art Rangers community and share the exact same awe for national parks.

Simply speaking, we allow people to purchase mesmerizing art of the U.S. national parks, and while doing so also help protect them for future generations.

In between the trees by Oscar Nilsson on 500px.com

Q: Tell us about why you started The Art Rangers project.

A: As I moved into the U.S. roughly five decades ago, I’ve been blown away by how much beautiful nature the nation has to offer, and specifically, how well kept it is. My enthusiasm for photography and the outside has increased into a new level and now I’ve been trying to discover a means. I noticed that this appreciation for national parks is shared by many of gifted artists across creative areas, one of fellow photographers, specifically. We saw the opportunity for founders to give back the way that they know best: via art. My partner Alex Tatem and I came up with the idea and it has gradually grown into what Art Rangers has become now.

I want to sip the last light with a straw until th ... by Oscar Nilsson on 500px.com

Q: Why service national parks, specifically?

A: I think we have gotten used to the concept of national parks being there for people, as a source of inspiration, as a park , and as an escape. However, the truth is that there aren’t enough funds to keep up with the demand for preservation of natural treasures’ 84 million acres. It’s important for us personally, and also for me personally all, to think about how we could help make sure the parks will continue to be there for us, and also for generations to come.

Adventure #squadgoals by Oscar Nilsson on 500px.com

Q: Who have been a few of the founders involved with the project so far?

A: Currently we have prints Which Have Been donated by:

  • Morgan Phillips
  • Jason Charles Hill
  • Eric Rubens
  • Dirk Dallas
  • and myself!

Glacier Point by Eric Rubens on 500px.com

Q: What is your favorite photo that’s been donated to The Art Rangers so far?

A: he is, and Morgan Phillips was one of our first photographers into the project with. He shares our enthusiasm for the outdoors and was fast to leap on the opportunity to donate his artwork. He contributed incredible images from his journeys, and this image in Angel’s Landing in Zion is one of my personal favorites. You can tell that he’s a genuine admirer of the national parks by navigating through his amazing work.

Photo credit: Morgan Phillips for The Art Rangers

Q: What has been the most inspiring part of the project for you?

A: For me, the part, personally has been. We’ve gotten so many encouraging words and that was sufficient for me to understand that we are onto something. My team and I all are currently devoting our own time into the project for free, so to receive this kind of feedback following a year of development and prep which makes me want also to turn into something larger, and to keep pushing. I think this goes beyond The Art Rangers, and I trust that our efforts may help inspire organizations and other projects to participate and help people protect the parks.

Happy 100th birthday to America's best idea to date; the National Park Service by Oscar Nilsson on 500px.com

Q: What is next for The Art Rangers?

A: We’re currently looking to find photographers to donate their pictures so we are able to keep building our print gallery out . We’re expecting to become a destinationknowing that by something beautiful for your self or a friend, you are also committing to keeping the US national parks beautiful.

Red rocks & dusty dirt road, Monument Valley by Jason Charles Hill on 500px.com

We are also currently hosting a gallery show in San Francisco in the start of 2018, using musical performances , beautiful images, painting and more, all motivated by the parks. If you’re located in or around California, you can stay updated to case by signing up to The Art Rangers publication.

Q: How can the 500px community get connected?

A: There are a number of ways you can get associated with The Art Rangers:

  • Give a publish on your own into the project;
  • Spread the word: share on social media, or trace @theartrangers on Instagram;
  • Buy a printing by one of the Numerous gifted artists on our site;
  • Combine our Facebook group to Contact like-minded creatives
  • Input an image at the 500px U.S. National Parks Quest!

You either make dust or eat dust. by Oscar Nilsson on 500px.com