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High-protein diet linked to heart failure in older women

(CNN)Women older than 50 who eat high-protein diets could have a greater risk of heart failure, especially if a lot of their protein comes from meat, according to a new study presented at the annual scientific conference of the American Heart Association.

Researchers found that postmenopausal women who follow a high-protein diet had a significantly higher rate of heart failure than those who ate less protein daily or ate more vegetable protein.
    This could be attributed to the molecular mechanisms of animal protein, Barbour said, explaining that animal proteins can turn to toxic molecules, which can in turn affect the function of the heart’s left ventricle and lead to heart failure. They can also increase the body mass index, a known risk factor for heart failure.
    “Our study should be interpreted with caution,” warned Barbour. “It appears that a high-protein diet may increase the risk of heart failure among postmenopausal women; however, more research will be needed.”

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    Dr. Mingyang Song, a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, described the findings as interesting. Song was the lead author of research published this year that found replacing animal protein with plant protein in a person’s diet was associated with a decreased risk of death. He was not involved in the new research.
    “People who eat high vegetable proteins may also have a healthier lifestyle,” Song said. This may imply that other factors are responsible for lowering the risk of heart failure for that group, he added.
    “I think it’ll be good to replicate the results in other studies,” he said, suggesting that a more controlled group with a more controlled food intake could be required for that purpose.

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    We Went On A Week-Long Smoothie Diet And These Are Our Stories

    Sometimes, we put ourselves through really stupid shit to entertain. This was not one of those times. I, Betchy Crocker (totally my real name thx mom and dad) have a wedding coming upmineand was determined to lose 3 lbs before the upcoming nuptials.

    Like any true betch, I decided a juice cleanse was totally the way to go. However, upon learning that a weeks worth of juices added up to approximately oh-my-fucking-god, I decided to go with a smoothie diet instead.

    Why? Because I have a fucking Vitamix thats why. Sorry, thats the starvation talking. But heres a quick snippet of how a weeks worth of smoothies can both help and drive you insane.

    Day 1

    I wake up and make a blend of frozen strawberries, kale, blueberries, ginger, and almond milk. Im honestly shocked when I dont taste the kale, but learn quickly that I need to blend this shit as long as possible so that Im not chugging smoothies. Surprisingly, Im not starving by lunch. I eat some almonds and have the second part of the smoothie before feasting on a salad for dinner.

    Day 2

    After yesterdays berry extravaganza, Im feeling good about my smoothie abilities. To make up for the protein Im clearly missing, I blend one banana, some Whole Foods almond butter (yah fuck you), almond milk, and Greek yogurt. Its way too thick and I gag, although the taste isnt horrendous. I add water and hate myself. I drink this until 10 am, at which point I purchase a carrot juice. I crave pizza at lunch but say no. I eat a Vitamix soup for dinner consisting of butternut squash and potatoes. Ive lost a pound. I praise the diet gods.

    Day 3

    Im shocked its only day three. Im feeling so un-bloated I dont even know myself. Clearly in an effort to show everyone how cool I am, I go for the green smoothie. I blend green grapes, celery, ginger, lemon, and a fuck load of spinach. It isnt great, but it isnt terrible. I eat crackers for lunch because I need carbs. My dietitian friend tells me Im an idiot; I tell her she has weird hair. I eat more leftover soup for dinner and watch my fianc eat tacos. I cry.

    Day 4

    Theres leftover green smoothie from yesterday, so I begrudgingly take it to work. A co-worker stops by and discusses the benefits of apple cider vinegar with me while I peruse Pinterest for alcoholic smoothie recipes. My skin looks oddly clearer, but energy is lacking.

    Day 5

    Can cheese be blended?

    Day 6

    I make a beet and apple smoothie and learn what suffering is. I didnt blend it enough; it got stuck in the straw, I sucked too hard, and nearly choked. I pray that Ive lost three pounds. My skin and hair seem better overall although my boobs are smaller. Wtf? Did I lose the weight from my tits?

    Day 7

    I make a different beet smoothie with apples, ginger, kale, and almonds. It isnt horrible. I have lost 4 lbs., seemingly all from my boobs. I laugh at the diet gods and their cruel sense of humor.

    I successfully end the smoothie challenge. I plan to gradually ease into normal foods once more but, in the meantime, will continue working at least one smoothie into my daily meals.

    Also, maybe consult a dietitian or doctor before doing this since, like, you may not eat enough and pass out on a walk. Just saying.

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    11 Of The Craziest Vintage Diet Fads That Folks Actually Thought Would Work

    Weight can be a lifelong struggle for some people. Sometimes it’s genetics that make it so difficult to maintain a healthy weight; sometimes it’s bad eating habits that are seemingly impossible to break.

    Regardless, it can be quiteeasy to lose hope. Being uncomfortable in your own skin can reallyweigh down on general happiness, and people in the past have been known to do some pretty crazy things in the name of beauty.

    It mightseemappealing to turn to fad diets that promise a slimmer figure with minimal effort and time, but these ideas are often unhealthy and unsuccessful. And these trendy diets are nothing new.

    These 11 fadsfrom previous decadeswill make you happy that they’re in the past, and might even make you laugh out loud at how ridiculous they are. I can’t believe an all-pineapple diet was actually a thing!

    Which one of these vintage diet fads do you find most ridiculous? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!


    Thumbnail source: Flickr

    1. Smoke More


    Cigarette companies have used staying thin as a major angle for years. The idea is that you reach for a cigarette instead of a snack, the downfall obviously being all of the deadly effects of smoking.

    2. Eat Meat Nonstop


    Meat for breakfast, meat for lunch, meat for supper. All meat all the time for a slimmer figure!

    3. Eat Only Beans


    In the late thirties, a product called Bile Beans claimed they would make you skinner. They were essentially laxatives.

    4. Load Up On Ice Cream


    The mid forties brought along a diet that included two helpings of ice cream a day!

    5. Binge On Sugar


    One sugar company in 1955 claimed that their sugar would keep you slim and give you an energy boost. As we all know now, sugar is a key factor in weightgain.

    6. Ingest A Tapeworm


    It’s illegal in the states, but in the ’50s, after opera singer Maria Callas lost 65 pounds from one, it became popular for women to swallow pills full of tapeworms to eat their food for them. It was incredibly unsafe.

    7. Eat Only Pineapple


    In 1976, eating pineapples all day apparently made you skinny. It may have worked, but so would depriving yourself of proteins and fats while shoving any other fruit down your gullet.

    8. Drink Tons Of Milk


    Dairy farmers in 1975 boasted that guzzling milk would help you slim down.

    9. Eat Cookies Every Few Hours


    Specially formulated cookies were made to eat every two hours during the day, followed by a 500-700 calorie dinner.

    10. Put Steak On Your Peanut Butter Sandwich


    Elizabeth Taylor had somestrange dietaryideas, and this was one of them. Folks followed her ways, though, in the hopes of looking like she did.

    11. Eat Grapefruit Before Every Meal


    In the ’50s, eating half a grapefruit before every single meal with no snacks was quite the craze.

    Do you remember any of these fads? Did we leave any off the list? Let us know in the comments and

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    Teen Addicted To Junk Food Weighs 324 Pounds, Then He Sheds Half His Body Weight

    Weight loss stories are some of the best transformations out there. Not because of the way the person looks, butbecause of the lifestyle the person is now able to live.

    Over one-third of Americans are obese, and it’s a lifestyle that is hard to change.

    People can become addicted to food, and often circumstances drive them to their position.

    So when the teen you’re about to meet, Austin, stepped on a scale and it read 324 pounds, he knew it was time for a change. He didn’t want to feel the way he did anymore, and he knew that his junk food addiction was affecting his health.

    He ended up sticking to his decision to change, and he lost over half his body weight.

    Now he looks unrecognizable.

    But his journey wasn’t over there. With his massive weight loss, he found that even though he was fit and healthy, he had pounds of excess skin on his body.

    In the video below, TV showThe Doctors helps him get tothe final step, and it turns out exactly how he’d hoped.

    For him to put in all this effort and change his life for the better, he definitely deserves the help hegets. He is an inspiration to so many!

    Bullies better watch their mouths, because now they’re the ones looking to Austin for help!

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    Dad Is Stunned When His Weight Balloons, All Because Of A Fat Tumor Under His Chin

    When he was in his twenties,Stefan Zoleiknoticed his jaw was getting bigger… and it wouldn’t stop growing.

    In 2004, he was diagnosed with Madelung disease, a metabolism disorder that caused fat tumors to grow on his face.

    One of the tumors grew directly underneath his chin and spanned from ear-to-ear. At nearly 15 pounds, themass became so heavy that Stefan could barely move his head. In fact, he had to quit his job as a car mechanic because it was too uncomfortable to work.

    Not only did Stefan feel the physical effects of the tumor, but it took an emotional toll. People were constantly pointing and staring at his face.

    Despite his unusual appearance, Stefan got married and had two children. With a wife and kids to depend on, Stefan began isolating himself as hewas too ashamed to be out in public.

    In 2014, Stefan finally got the medical treatment he needed; doctors finally agreed to operate on him.Surgeon Igor Homola spent five hours cutting away the tumor at the University Hospital in the northern Slovakia.

    Now at47 years old, the surgery has drastically changed Stefan’s everyday life andhis appearance.

    In the end, Stefan realized it was hisfamily who provided him with the faith and support he needed, both before and after surgery.

    Finally, the husband and fatheris no longer ashamed of showing his face.

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    Daughter Cant Explain Weight Gain, Then A Doctor Looks At Her Legs To Make Diagnosis Of Lipedema

    Emily Bartley was humiliated. When she turned 10 years old, she began to inexplicably gain weight. An athlete and active young girl, she began to weigh 20 to 30 pounds more than her peers.

    She had no idea why. When she turned 14, she began eating a completely clean diet and exercising twice a day, but even after dropping 30 pounds, her weight was at a standstill.

    Bartley knew something was wrong. With the new weight loss, she noticed an important detail she had missed: all of her extra weight was being stored in her legs. Eventually her legs gotso disproportionately big, just standing began to hurt.

    After years of suffering, Bartley was finally diagnosed by Dr. David Amron with a rare condition called lipedema.

    The symptoms lined up with Bartley’s experience and include:

    • Column-like legs that are much larger than the upper half of the body
    • Easy bruising of the legs
    • Lymphedema or a build of fluids in the lymph nodes

    Lipedema primarily effects women andis typically stimulated by fluctuations in the hormones caused by pregnancy or puberty. The disorder is genetic and causes fat to be stored excessively in the legs and sometimes arms.

    There is no cure for the illness; the only solution is liposuction, which unfortunately isn’t covered by insurance. Bartley was able to undergo the surgery successfully, and although she won’t see the full results for a few months, she can already notice a difference.

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