Family Photos Into Abominations Turn

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Whether Lesa Hall is real or imitation nonetheless is apparently up in the air, but this news story seems to be all over the net and can be funny as Hell therefore we had to share it if some of you missed it.

The Zaring (rhymes with daring because of this when you see the last result) family contacted photographer Lesa Hall to perform a family picture on a perfectly sunny day out so they might have a memory permanently throw to the photographic ether of the universe. Little did they know what was in store for them.

That is what they have back from said photographer after a Couple of days of waiting?

That’s nightmare inducing.

Wow, how did she catch these ghosts on film? Wait, these are ACTUAL PEOPLE? YIKES!

So now I understand what Casper the Friendly Ghost could look like a Mother and a Grandmother. Cool, I guess?

And the funniest part is the family called the photographer out and she refused to return the crazy $250 she billed for the photographs and ALSO went to tell the Zaring household she wasn’t taught how to perform post-production touch ups. At least she KNOWS her weakness, but in perfect sunshine on a bright day out you shouldn’t desire touch-ups, honestly. Looks like trolling to me. Expensive trolling.

It must take SOME ability to turn a very normal looking family to what look like ghosts or that which I believe zombies would look like in actual life. Excellent job on that front, Lesa! Maybe get into horror movie outcomes?

At least the family got a good laugh out of it. For me, however, it is absolute nightmare  gas.

Author: Remy Carreiro