Kells’ Organic Photography – photography services, Review 922714

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Seems to me like you are losing business for this lady and now wish to smear her online. Pathetic.

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For somebody who is nowhere near this photographer, you sure went out of your way. A U.S. based comment/ “complaint” to get a Canadian photographer? Why do you even bother? Pretty sad that the other people make you feel so awful that you will need to last out from someone whose services you have never utilized.

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Crystal photographed my photos and my wedding were Absolutely perfect! She has been very professional and has an awesome character. She caught my day exactly as I wanted. Love you Crystal!
I am sorry to find this dreadful review. . .clearly that this individual has a great deal of hate inside their lifetime and it’s very sad to see! I pitty them and they’ve definitely never worked together with you. Keep up the amazing job Crystal! To the person who examined you. . .shame on you personally. . .your hatred towards other people is disgusting and disturbing but it reveals what kind of human being you really are.

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@Carling Metsala Thanks so much my dear! xox

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Crystal Kells is a psychopath increasing a serial killer.

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@hanmac Since I let my son express herself? Oh Hannah. You poor thing 🙁

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@Crystal Kells Your kid is awful.

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I have no idea who this man or woman is. She is in another country and I have never worked.

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This complaint is from a person that has nothing better to do than harass Kells’ Organic Photography. This complaint should be eliminated as it has no factual basis.

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Sorry I am such a [censor].

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The matter with Crystal Kells is that she only accepts opinions that are similar to hers. In the event you disagree with her opinion, you’re automatically labelled ignorant and also a bully, and after that you are exposed to harassment from her. There is currently a set of disgruntled past clients that are carrying her to court to get a class action lawsuit as a result of her defamation and harassment. Crystal Kells is seriously mentally ill. I’m sorry for the son who needs to live together with her abuse on a daily basis.

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You can not put yourself on the market, and all of your own [censor], and expect all to agree with this. You can not place your entire [censor] out there subsequently complain and play with the victim once people begin giving their opinions on it. Crystal, you made your own storm you then have mad as it rained. Get on your own.

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She is a bully and a coward!! She was bullied in high school and now she’ll take it out on people on Facebook because she’s too reluctant to say any of the your face and you realize it!! Everybody laughs at her , her crazy behavior and her creepy kid!!