Natural Vs Artificial Photography Lighting.

Two image examples.

Natural versus Artificial Photography Lighting #LetThereBeLight

I have a huge passion for photography. Since having Rex I’ve really been in a position to take baby photographs and I miss the imagination and variety of the images I did take. When I noticed that Urban Cottages were conducting a photography contest, I decided to dig through some of my images and discover the two I would like to go into. It is stipulated that you needs to maintain natural lighting and another photography light that is artificial.

Natural Light

I’ve always discovered natural light fascinating. There are many varients and, normally, you cannot control it. My natural light needs to be the hour. Here is the time shortly after sunrise or before sunset if daylight is redder and warmer than if the sun is high in the skies. For my lighting photograph that was natural, I’ve chosen a gold hour image. That is. The sun was a colour and the statue was discovered by me from the water a subject. It induced ripples that made the image that bit more interesting than just having buildings and the boats in the golden glow of this day and made patterns.

Artificial Light

Among the most difficult forms of artificial lighting is stage light. Ross is the singer having a local band and I’ve regularly gone to their gigs to take photos. I find it have to take loads of photos to make sure I capture a couple of and hard to capture the correct images.

For a Few years Ross and I were lucky enough to cover the Rewind Festival in Henley. It was I seized one of my favourite photographs. It is of Rick Astley. He had been singing ‘Angels on my Side’ and also had a great light show behind him. I was able to capture this picture at the perfect moment!

That is my entrance into the “Let There Be Light” blog article contest showcasing organic and synthetic lighting. For details about how to enter then hop around to the Urban Cottages website. You could win #500 to place towards photography equipment!  


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