Obese Student Drops 145 Pounds, Then Rejects The Men Who Bullied Her About Her Weight

The human body is an incredible and beautiful machine. It’s the only body you have – it’s in your best interest, and in that of your loved ones, to take care of it.

But this doesn’tnecessarily meanpulling all the stops to become an Olympic athlete. It just means being aware of what your body is feeling, and to keep it in a comfortable state: eating right and exercisingare but two of the many ways you can take care of yourself.

Emma Pope, a23-year-old student, decided to make a change in her habits and lifestyle after bullies’ taunts made her life miserable.

By that point, Pope weighed about 315 pounds. She was even jeered at by spectators at a volleyball game she was in. They cruelly told her to get off the court.

Then, she made some basic changes: she exercised four times a week, and reduced her portion sizes. She kicked her bad habit of eating junk food all the time, too.

Now, she’s showing off her incredible transformation after many months of hard work…

[H/T: Unity Blott For Mailonline]

23-year-old student Emma Pope was endlessly bullied for her weight.

The young woman tipped the scale at 315 pounds, at her heaviest.

Men taunted her, and she was even jeered at a volleyball game.

She knew she had to make a change, for her own mental and physical health.

She started small by exercising a few times a week and practicing portion control.

She also cut out the unhealthy junk foods from her diet, including pizza and pasta.

Before she knew it, she had lost a whopping 145pounds!

Now, Pope is showing off her incredible transformation. She looks totally unrecognizable, and she’s much happier today.

She says she evengot the chance to turn down the men who mocked her for her weight!

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