Photographer Shows How Different Dinnertime Appears Around The USA (10+ Pictures)

Recently we’ve shared a research into the bedrooms of Americans, and now the home tour persists. This time it’s thanks to some Milwaukee-based photographer Lois Bielefeld, who traveled across the States (and parts of Luxembourg) Maintaining people throughout their Weeknight Dinners, revealing the amazing range of people and their own habits.

“I am super picky concerning people’s habits,” Lois explained to Feature Take. “I have always craved moving into people’s houses- it is inspirational, inquisitive. It provides so many sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant disagreements about someone.”

A few of the folks you see have been featured in her endeavors, but others are complete strangers to the photographer and via information bulletins.

The single instructions Bielefeld shared with everybody was supposed to go in their dinner plans as they usually would on any given weeknight, catching the normal meals along with the casualness of the whole thing.

While Lois guess that a few individuals did put extra effort in preparing for that specific dinner, she does not mind, as it merely provides the string new layers to explore.

More info: Lois Bielefeld

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#1 Tuesday: Alden & Alan

#2 Wednesday: Emilio, Rhonda, Benedetto, Skylrae, Jacomo

#3 Monday: Nuco

#4 Wednesday: Leo And Michael

#5 Wednesday: Natalia And Maryanne

#6 Wednesday: Colin And Makeal

#7 Wednesday: Bruce, Heather And Wyatt

#8 Monday: Eric And Sally

#9 Wednesday: Willie Mae

#10 Monday: Jude

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