Traveling Photography: My Photos from New Orleans!

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If it comes to travel photography, then my default mode is to pack as many colors as possible in a photo. I’m a massive fan of colourful photographs and colors in general but there are instances, if the most color photos just can not match up to the simplicity which accompanies black and white photographs.

Bride and groom dance in the rain in their wedding service
Jazz Guitarist
Streetcar (trams) in New Orleans

Black and White photographs can at times be some of the most effective photos on the market and while I have never been unable to put a finger on why this is true, my very best guess is that stripping away the simple distractions which includes having lots of colors in a photo, leaves you fully centered on the subject in the photographs. You’re no longer distracted by just how blue the sky is or the way orange which bird or the way purple that home is and rather fully focused on what is actually happening in the photo.

Sculpture of Louis Armstrong
Bride, groom and guests dance in their wedding service

New Orleans is a truly vibrant city! (In uncertainty? Consider visiting Mardi Gras or just head over to Bourbon Street to a weekend, you might surprise yourself at how many folks figure out how to match onto the street!) . It is a really unique American town — it literally has an appearance, individuality and sense that sets it apart from other cities in the united states.

Street performer
Preservation Hall

Intuitively, New Orleans feels just like the kind of town in which you need colors in your pictures to fully capture the action and feel of experience nonetheless, counter clockwise, I have resolved to do this in black and white since I feel that’s the perfect way to showcase what it feels like to be in this awesome city!

Bride and her brother dance in the rain in her wedding
Train tracks

One of my favorite elements of New Orleans is certainly the culture. It is very clear that New Orleans has a history which sets it apart from other American cities and you can certainly find this difference (in comparison to other American cities) when you see! The food, the music, the accents, the names… there’s just so much that’s truly uniquely New Orleans!

Jazz Saxophonist
Inside St. Louis Cathedral, NOLA
Bourbon Street, New Orleans
Bride and groom dance at their wedding surrounded by guests
Trumpet player (playing along with his band — band not pictured here)
Mother’s Restaurant, Poydras Street, New Orleans
St. Louis Cathedral
Louisiana State Museum
Jazz Group (playing out St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square)
New Orleans Ferry
Average House in the French Quarter, New Orleans
Jazz Group
Preservation Hall, New Orleans


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